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What we believe

We believe the entire bible is inspired by God and the final authority in all things.


We believe in the trinity; one God who exists in three distinct persons; Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.


We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Saviour of the world.


We believe Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross and on the third day He rose triumphant over death.


We believe that there is no other name given that man should be saved by but the name of Jesus Christ.


We believe that Jesus Christ is coming again.


We believe in the corporate worship of believers in a local church and in witnessing to our faith.

Our Church Lifestyle Statement

  • HIS WORD​  is ​Our Principle of Operation

  • HIS WORSHIP​ is ​Our Praise Offering

  • HIS WELFARE​ is ​Our Provision of Love

  • HIS WARFARE​ is ​Our Power over Pressure

  • HIS WILL​ is ​​Our Purpose for Living

  • HIS WAY​ is ​​Our Pattern of Shining

  • HIS WORKS​ is ​Our Pursuits in Evidence

  • HIS WALK​ is ​Our Passion in Practice

  • HIS WONDERS is ​​Our Permission to Celebrate

  • HIS WORLD​​ is Our Place to Live Forever 

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